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202022 cheap Household Vertical moulding machine in Taiwan

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2019-12-2 · In one seedling cultivation chamber, 5,000-6000 lettuce seedlings can be grown in one square meter. This represents an area output 10 times that of the most ideal natural environment. Thanks to stack trays that allow plants to grow at differing vertical levels, the operating surface of each chamber can be increased to multiples of its floorage.

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2016-5-30 · The machine is designed for installation in screen rooms of mills comprising OEM's. As a result, grain processing using this machine cleans the grain surface of ruptured membranes and partly from the embryo and beard, while the grain is removed from the surface of excessive moisture. Technical performance, t / h, not less - 5.65; ·

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2002-7-16 · 84569990 Machine-tools for working any material by removal of material, Elimination of tendering requirements on 1 January. operated by electro-chemical, electron beam, ionic-beam processes, 2004. not elsewhere specified or included. 84571010 Machining centers, vertical type, for working metal Elimination of tendering requirements on 1 January